BuddyPress Compliments

BP Compliments is a great little WordPress plugin for Buddypress, that allows members to send each other compliments, eGifts or even complaints.

BuddyPress Compliments, can also be used as a private poke system, because the admin can set compliments to be private or public.

This is ideal for example, for Social Networks and Dating sites.

BuddyPress Compliments is used by over 700 active websites and got unanimous 5 stars rating, from all users who decided to review it!

BP Compliment Overview

After installing BP Compliments, you will have to create your custom compliment types (the plugin comes with no compliment types pre-installed).

Creating compliments is as easy as creating post categories.


In the Compliments settings page, you can define:

Singlular name ( e.g. Gift. Default: Compliment )
Plural name ( e.g. Gifts. Default: Compliments )
Slug ( e.g. gifts. Default: compliments. must be lowercase )
Who can see other members Compliment page : Anybody, Nobody, Members Only, Let members take care of this setting.?
Members can delete Compliments received? Yes / No
Enable activity component for Compliments ? Yes / No
Enable notification component for Compliments ? Yes / No
Number of Compliments to display per page? (number)

There is also a text area to add custom CSS styles.


Send Compliments

Sending compliments is really easy. Just visit the profile page of the member who you want to send a compliment too. You will notice a new “send compliment” button next to the “public message” button. By clicking on it a modal window will popup offering the option to select the compliment type to send and to optinally send a brief message.


If the option to make compliments visible to anyone is enabled, every profile will feature an extra tab named “Compliments”. Clicing on the link, will show all compliments received by a member.


If you have any question, feature request or need support, please contact us through the official support forum.