WordPress Directory Plugin | GeoDirectory

Since the beginning of 2015 we are working full time with the team at Ayecode LTD on a project called GeoDirectory. For those who never heard about it, GeoDirectory is hands down the best WordPress Directory plugin.

In my time working for them I created the Theme Whoop that is used in more than 1000 websites. Obviously I created BP Compliments. Now I’m working on a users management plugin. I also spend a lot of time helping customers in the support forum.

Working on the GeoDirectory project has been incredibly rewarding so far. We all work remotely and because the team is distributed in 4 different continents we are able to provide an incredible level of support. Our members think that we are open 24/7, while none of use work more than 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The Directory plugin has reached a level of maturity that allows to be on top of the competition and grow regularly. This is making our team bigger and bigger and because of this we can add new features and details every day.

Currently we are working on GeoDirectory 2.0, that will include a refreshed design, a smarter template management system, improved search autocompleters and much more.

We also recently launched our WordPress Invoices Plugin called WP Invoicing. GeoDirectory included a
full blown payment and invoicing system. We extracted it and made it a standalone plugin. Now we will create a free add-on for it to create Quotes and Estimates and once that is complete we will launch it on WordPress.org.

Because our commitment with Ayecode LTD is now a full time job, we’re no longer available for freelance work. In case you need something specific about both BP Compliments or Whoop or GeoDirectory, please contact me directly via the wpgeodirectory.com/support forum.

We will be able to assist you there.